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Please Contact Isolation Systems to receive information on any of the following products.

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ISI Catalog Table of Contents

Pg. 01
Vertical Laminar Flow Exhaust Hood
Pg. 02
Vertical Laminar Downflow Hood with HEPA Filtered Exhaust

Pg. 03

Vertical Laminar Flow Recirculating Hood
Pg. 04
Negative Pressure Recirculating Down Flow Containment Hood
Pg. 05
Polypropylene Vertical Laminar Flow Exhaust hood
Pg. 06
Single Pass Class 100 Vertical Laminar Flow Work Station
Pg. 08
Horizontal Laminar Cross Flow Console
Pg. 09
Horizontal Reverse Flow Console
Pg. 10
Hood and Console Base Cabinets
Pg. 11
Positive or Negative Pressure Glovebox Isolators
Pg. 12
Sterility Test Glovebox Isolators
Pg. 13
Portable Rapid VHP Decontamination Chamber
Pg. 14
Laminar Down Flow Recirculating Barrier Isolators
Pg. 15
Potent Compound Weigh & Dispensing Isolators
Pg. 16
Powder Transfer Charging Glovebox Isolators
Pg. 17
Explosion Proof Double Tier Fill Transfer Barrier Isolator
Pg. 18
Static Glovebox Isolators
Pg. 19
Polypropylene Acid Test Glovebox Isolators
Pg. 20
Drum Sampling and Powder Weigh Booths
Pg. 21
Potent Compound Sampling & Weigh High Containment & Extraction Booths
Pg. 22
Small Batch High Containment Powder Weigh & Sample Booth
Pg. 23
Small Batch Containment Drum Sample and Transfer Booth
Pg. 24
Solvent Drum Sampling and Fume Extraction Booth
Pg. 25
End Intake-Ceiling Suspended Vertical Laminar Flow Systems
Pg. 26
Top Intake-Ceiling Suspended Vertical Laminar Flow Systems
Pg. 27
Modular Fan Filter Unit
Pg. 28
Modular Dual Blower Filter Unit
Pg. 29
Portable Down Flow Clean Enclosure
Pg. 30
End Intake Mobile Down Flow Clean Booth
Pg. 31
Top Intake Mobile Down Flow Clean Booth
Pg. 32
Softwall Cleanrooms
Pg. 33
Lab Automation Process Enclosures
Pg. 34
Restricted Access Barrier Systems & Fill Line Process Enclosures
Pg. 35
Recirculating Horizontal Cross Flow Process Enclosure
Pg. 36
Rigid Clear Wall Clean Room
Pg. 37
Modular Hard Wall Clean Room
Pg. 38
Flexible Curtain Barrier System
Pg. 39
Air Shower Entry System
Pg. 40
Personnel Decontamination Misting Showers
Pg. 41
Air Shower Cart Entry System
Pg. 42
Class 100 Battery Powered Transfer Cart
Pg. 43
Small Batch HEPA Filtered Transfer Cart
Pg. 44
Coved Corner Pass Thru with Interlock
Pg. 45
Laminar Flow Interlocking Pass Thru
Pg. 46
HEPA Filtered Storage Cabinets & Pass Thrus
Pg. 47
HEPA Filtered Cart Pass Thru
Pg. 48
ALPHA-BETA Rapid Transfer Ports
Pg. 49
Constant Volume Fume Exhaust Hoods
Pg. 50
General Laboratory Fume Exhaust Hoods
Pg. 51
Supplemental Air Fume Exhaust Hoods
Pg. 52
Class 100 Cleanroom Luminaries
Pg. 53
Tear Drop Air Foil Luminaries
Pg. 54
Flow-Thru Cleanroom Luminaries
Pg. 55
Stainless Steel Furniture : Coming Soon
Pg. 56
Stainless Steel Furniture : Coming Soon
Pg. 57
Stainless Steel Furniture : Coming Soon
Pg. 58
Stainless Steel Furniture : Coming Soon
Pg. 59
Stainless Steel Furniture : Coming Soon
Pg. 60
Stainless Steel Furniture : Coming Soon
Pg. 61
General SS Equipment Specifications - 01
Pg. 62
General SS Equipment Specifications - 02  
Pg. 63
Automation 7 Process Enclosures General Specifications
Pg. 64
General Specifications Polypropylene Assemblies
Pg. 65
Performance Level Configurator


All equipment manufactured by ISOLATION SYSTEMS INC. is of all steel and stainless steel construction, specifically designed and engineered for use within clean room and aseptic environments. Our products rugged construction assures durability and long lasting aesthetic appeal within the most demanding environments.

Thank you for considering ISOLATION SYSTEMS INC. for your airborne contamination control and process containment needs

For More Information on these products contact the ISI Sales Department .

Click to Download the Isolation Systems Terms and Conditions of Sale


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